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Blizzard Fanfiction Community

Wizards and demons and aliens... oh my!

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Welcome to the Blizzard Fanfics Livejournal Community. Thank you for showing interest in this community!

Please read the rules and remember that joining the community requires adherence to these rules.

What: This community is open to posting fanfics relating to games created by Blizzard Entertainment. These fanfics will probably not be viewed by any member of Blizzard, and the community name could change depending on if the name is against their policy. Games created by Blizzard include:

Warcraft: Orcs and Humans
Diablo and Expansion (by Sierra): Hellfire
Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and Expansion: Beyond the Dark Portal
Diablo II and Expansion: Lord of Destruction
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Expansion: The Frozen Throne
Starcraft and Expansion: Brood Wars
World of Warcraft
The Lost Vikings
*Starcraft: Ghost (the game isn't out yet. o.o;)

Any of the books, including roleplaying books, may also be expanded on, as well as stories relating to roleplaying experiences during the RPG or on RP servers in World of Warcraft. There is to be NO Real Person fanfiction on this community, please.

Fanart is permitted when related to a story submitted to the community. As wonderful as pictures of your favorite character are, or of your WoW character, there are other communities and locations where those would be more appropriate.

Who: Anyone may post here if they have joined the community. Fanfiction about characters in any of the previously mentioned domains is accepted, as well as original characters or roleplaying characters in these domains. Crossovers and fusions with other series are allowed, but it is important that the universes of the particular domains are still obvious. If you have questions, please ask.

Where: Please post fanfiction under livejournal cuts. You may link to other sites, or your personal journal. All fanfics should have appropriate headings posted on the community itself (headings to follow). I will add fanfics as memories to the community index. Please do not link any fanfiction but your *own* fanfiction. There are other communities for recommending fanfiction. If you have friends that are too shy to post their own fanfiction, please encourage them to get a journal and post it on their own. I don't bite. You may post fanart for fanfiction that is not yours, with the artist's permission (in the case that you are the fanfic writer and someone else is the artist) or post art with the writer's permission (if you are the artist, but someone else is the writer).

When: Please post fanfiction in a 'finished' state. This does not mean completed fanfiction, but fanfiction that has been revised for spelling, grammar and characterization. Do not post fanfiction that does not possess proper headings. Likewise, artwork should possess appropriate warnings as well.

Why: Why write fanfiction? Because it's fun. There are many, many reasons to write fanfiction, but above all, it should because it is something you enjoy. Why join this community? Because, with every person that joins, the community is enriched and contributes something to all fans of Blizzard games as a whole.

How: You should be posting fanfiction in the following manner:


Title: Title Goes Here
Author: Name Goes Here (feel free to add your livejournal name here as well)
Fandom: Which one of the universes are you writing in. It's not necessary to specify Warcraft I or I or III, Diablo I or II, etc. World of Warcraft is an extension of the Warcraft universe, but feel free to specify 'World of Warcraft'.
Warnings: Warnings give a person an idea of what to expect from a story. Examples of warnings are:
Slash or Yaoi - This refers to a male homosexual pairing. They have basically the same meaning, and while the entymology of the terms is not perfect, that is a common way of understanding it, and more imporantly, the one THIS community will use.
Femmeslash or Yuri - This refers to a female homosexual pairing.
Het - This refers to a heterosexual pairing. While one might think it's odd to specify that there's a heterosexual pairing, but it is a pairing nonetheless.
Language - Language refers to swearing of any kind. Mild language is the occasional 'damnit'. Moderate language has more swearing. Strong language denotes frequent swearing.
Sex - Sexual relations of any kind, be it slash, femmeslash or het as well as heavy petting.
Romance - Romance encompasses flirting, courtship, kissing and very minor petting. A form of minor romance is called Fluff.
Suggestion of Sex/Romance - Suggestive of Sex or Romance, without actual writing. Implying that people had sex is Suggestion of Sex, not Sex itself.
Angst - Angst encompasses unhappy themes of various sorts. Mutilation, suicide and death should be marked as separate warnings, however.
Violence - People getting hurt. Abuse, rape and torture should be marked as separate warnings.
Humor - Humor is funny stuff, jokes, teasing, amusing content, comedy, etc. Remember, while violence can be amusing, rape, torture, abuse, suicide and mutilation are not.
Alternate Universe - Characters from a series that are not in their native environments, but are instead someplace completely different. This takes on dozens of forms, from modern to science fiction to fantasy to horror.
Alternate Reality - Something that takes place within the general timeline of the medium, but departs it sharply, though does not qualify as Alternate Universe. As an example, saying that a certain character died instead of lived (Illidan is NOT dead, any fic with him alive would not be called Alternate Reality, but if King Llane managed somehow to survive his assassination, that would be Alternate Reality).
Crossover - Characters from two different series are in the same universe. The crossover should be indicated within the warning (Example: Warcraft/Warhammer 40K Crossover)
Miscellaneous - There is no way for me to anticipate every single thing that you could put in a fanfic that someone should be warned about. Use your better judgement, please.

Pairings: Pairings are couples, and couples should be noted here. You do not need to name every single character in the story here, just ones with relationships relevent to the story. If there are original characters in the pairings, please state their name and add a small (OC) to the person's name. Clarity is important.
Ratings: I hate ratings. I think they're silly. However, to give you an idea...
G - General Audience. Warnings appropriate to this are probably very moderate. Minor suggestive romantic content.
PG - Parental Guidance. Warnings become a touch more elaborate. Mild romantic content.
M - Mature. Mature content, usually including Language and Violence. Suggestive romantic content.
R - Rated? I unno... Contains strong language and violence. Often suggestive romantic or sexual content as well.
NC-17 - The Fun Starts Here. Contains Sex. Yes, gets bumped right up there. Strong Language and Violence as well, but the big one is the sex.
Disclaimer: Everyone has these, everyone should know. This is your chance to bemoan the fact you don't own the content, or claim your original characters as your own. Also stating that you don't own the crossover content is very common.
Notes: Short authors notes may be made here.
Summary: Summarize your story. If you cannot summarize your story sufficiently, you will not be penalized, but I encourage you to practice one to three sentence summaries.

Story: Either linked or under an LJ-Cut. LJ Cut texts are lj-cut text="Content Here" with greater than and less than signs at the beginning and end.

Comments: Comments are important to writers because they want to understand how others view their writing. LJ gives the oppertunity for authors to communicate freely about a specific story with their readers. As such, it is important to offer feedback to an author. Comments may come in very simple, short compliments, lengthy discussion, or even criticism. It is imporant to remember that people who read your stories may not agree with the way you wrote a story, or the way you depict a certain character. This is an oppertunity for a civil, mature discussion. Authors should take what readers say and consider it, and readers should remember to deliver useful criticism.

The following is NOT helpful criticism:
- Insulting the Author (or Story as a whole)
- Threatening the Author
- Taunting or teasing the Author for spelling errors

The following CAN be helpful criticism:
- Pointing out spelling errors, particularly in names and places
- Pointing out the diverse reactions to a single circumstance
- Pointing out character reactions to a given situation that may be different from the one in the story
- Offering tips for correcting spelling and grammar
- Engaging in discussion of the story
- Giving tips on the behavior of original characters
- Suggesting more realistic original characters

Readers, should they want to engage in non-helpful criticism may wish to join other communities that are better suited to such behavior. There is no fault in expressing frustration over particularly poorly written stories, but it is a requirement of this community to remain polite.


In Short:

I realize that the community rules are very long, and perhaps tiresome to read through. I believe that it is important to establish rules early in a community. I hope that this will be a fun experience for all.

Thank you,
Kelriia Frettlar the__ivorytower

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