a shyness that is criminally vulgar (lynstraine) wrote in blizzardfanfics,
a shyness that is criminally vulgar

Hello, my name is Lyn, nice to meet you all n_n Kel, I <3 your Thrall/Jaina stories, they are beautimous :D

Title: Recognition
Author: lyn
Fandom: WoW
Warnings: Violence, feeble attempts at humor
Pairing: There's not a whole lot of romancin' going on I'm afraid. But it's about a night elf hunter and an undead rogue :x
Rating: PG-13? I'm not good at this.
Summary: Since every member of the Forsaken was once human, it's logical to assume that they once had friends who weren't decomposing corpses. Suppose one such Forsaken meets an old friend in Warsong Gulch ...

Story is here <3

( x-posted to wow_ladies )
Tags: world of warcraft

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