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Akasha and Magina: Scream for me, Part 1

Title: Scream for me, Part 1
Author: Thiru gthiru
Fandom: Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Expansion: The Frozen Throne
Warnings: Contains some violence, minor scene of torture and suggestive hints of romance.
Pairings: Akasha, the Queen of Pain & Magina, the Anti-Mage
Ratings: M
Note(s): This is the first time I'm actually posting a fanfic. The characters are adapted from the Warcraft map, "Defense of the Ancients". I wrote this because I think Akasha & Magina belong together. First part in a series I intend to continue over time.
Summary: Akasha captures Magina after his failed attempt to kill his twin brother Terrorblade. What follows is the beginning of an odd relationship between the two.

The night was silent.

The dead trees that littered the land were even more stagnant than usual, their withered branches creating a rather grotesque apparition in the moonlight’s embrace. Even the natural presence of air was barely felt here.

It was a land that was plagued by death, of destruction and of traces of hell. And yet, the inhabitants here didn’t seem to mind.

It was the land of the Scourge.

And just when the quiet of the night starts to lull the fiends that lurked the shadows into slumber, the silence is shattered by the snap of a twig.

A blue-skinned figure dashes across the infertile ground, his breath coming in gasps. The gargoyle-like wings on his back, which were usually so magnificently frightening, now hung limply as a result of the chase he had been partaking in.

A chase that he was desperate to end.

Terrorblade the Soulkeeper stopped in front of a tree to catch his breath. He knew he could only rest for an instant though. His assailant was not one to give up easily and a slight distance was but a trivial issue for the latter.

Just as he was about to continue his run, Terrorblade stopped, his fears coming to a head when he realized that his tormentor was right in front of him. He cursed himself silently for stopping. He should’ve known that his twin brother wasn’t one to be complacent when it came to a chase, especially when the bounty was one such as himself.

Yes, his twin brother. Most brothers shared love, blood ties and a bond that only death could tear apart. But it was different for Terrorblade and Magina. They shared a carnal loathing for one another.

Both of night elf descent, the brothers were quite the duo in their valiant struggle against the taint of the Scourge. However, things started to change when an eerie fascination with the dark side started to manifest in Terrorblade. Helpless, Magina could only stand idly by as his brother plunged deeper and deeper into the ice-cold darkness of the Undead culminating in his painful betrayal by striking down his own brother and nearly killing him in battle.

From that day on, the men who had once fought together on the battlefield as brothers now waged a battle, each praying that they could one day one could have the opportunity to slay the other.

And from the looks of things, it seemed as if Magina had his chance to do so now.

Terrorblade knew that he would fail miserably if he decided to fight Magina in his weakened state. Both of them weren’t at their best due to their earlier battle. However, their earlier scuffle had resulted in Magina burning away all his magickal energies, rendering him completely useless when it came to casting his spells. It was one reason why Magina was feared by so many, his ability to take away an individual’s magick. That, coupled with his tremendous agility, significant resistance to spells and expertise in the use of his moonblades made him quite the powerhouse. And by blinking, the ability to teleport short distances, his quarry rarely got away.

Beads of sweat now dripped down Terrorblade’s face as he knew what was coming next. It was Magina’s finishing move, the Mana Void, which took away a person’s life based on the amount of magical energy that was missing from him.

“You win, Magina,” Terrorblade said, defeated, though his tone did not hide the malice and disdain that he held for his brother.

It came as a quite a surprise when the finishing blow didn’t come. In fact, he was even more surprised when Magina groaned in pain and clutched his chest.

“Always watch your back, honey,” a throaty female voice said and upon recognizing the voice, Terrorblade could only smile.

Akasha walked into full view of the two men, and as always, the sight of her stirred Terrorblade. From the way she swayed her hips as she walked to the effortless way she flipped her hair, she painted quite the stunning picture. She was in every which way a lady. Well, almost.

Known to many as the Queen of Pain, she was a mix of both Banshee and Succubus. The entire length of her svelte body from chest onwards was a black and grey toned bat-like exterior with a pair of wings protruding from the back. Her smooth skin beneath it was a light-blue tone which the Soulkeeper longed to caress. Twin horns adorned the top of her head and her long black hair cascaded all the way to her hips.

Indeed, Akasha was a lady. She epitomized everything Terrorblade wanted in a woman. Akasha knew of this, but sadly for him, she rebutted all of his attempts to make her his. Such was the nature of the Queen of Pain. She toyed with him, but never allowed him to get close, savouring the power she had over him.

She was certainly a legendary member of the Scourge. Her succubus host allowed her to throw poisoned daggers and the banshee part of her gave her the power to scream at tremendous volumes which eventually culminated in sonic waves that swelled across land and sea alike. Her reputation for torturing her victims mercilessly until they died made her name well-earned. And she was the only other known person who could blink.

Which was why he knew that it was the end for his brother. Magina couldn’t escape Akasha now that he was poisoned, which was what Akasha had done to cause Magina the pain he was in now. The prospect of his brother’s death excited Terrorblade, though he was a little saddened over the fact that he wouldn’t be able to do it himself.

“Well, isn’t this something,” Akasha remarked dryly. “Little Terrorblade on the brink of death at the hands of his brother.”

Terrorblade actually flushed, embarrassment colouring his blue cheeks a crimson hue. He was about to say something when Magina chose this instant to blink away. All that remained were the drops of blood which the poisoned dagger had drawn.

Akasha chuckled. “This is going to be fun,” she said and with a flourish that was expected of her, disappeared in the blink of an eye after him.


Magina cursed his luck. He had honestly believed that he was finally going to end his brother’s life. And then the wretched Akasha had to poison him from behind. He had managed to wrench the poisoned dagger from his back but the effects of the poison were still there.

Normally, he wouldn’t have been too affected by such an attack. He was the Anti-Mage after all. His natural magic resistance would’ve made the poison’s damage slight. But the fight with his brother had weakened him considerably.

And now the Queen of Pain was after him. He recounted tales of what she had done to her victims… it was not pretty. He had to move fast in spite of the poison.

Suddenly, she was right beside him and Magina swore as she shot a dagger into his arm. He steeled himself against the pain and willed himself to move faster. But she was relentless, throwing dagger after dagger at him. One of them pierced his leg, causing him to start limping.

He blinked.

Pain racked his body but he refused to let it govern him. Then, she was beside him once again. This time, she let loose an earsplitting scream that literally jarred his entire being. He summoned every ounce of strength that he had and continued running, praying that someone would come to his aid. But help didn’t come.

It was then that his vision started to blur. The poison. It was seeping away what little strength that he had. The last thing he saw was the smug Akasha standing over him before the inevitable darkness claimed him.


One of the last things that Magina had expected from death was dank air chilling his bones. He could sense he was underground and most probably in a cave. If this was the afterlife that awaited him, then all the night elf tales of beautiful meadows awaiting after death were lies.

He heaved a sigh of relief when he sensed Akasha across the room from him. He wasn’t dead after all. Though he was blind, Magina could sense another’s presence or his surroundings, an ability that only he and his brother shared.

He pondered for a while. Maybe death was far better than what he suspected was to come soon.

“You know,” Akasha said as she sashayed towards him. “You are definitely the most resilient man I’ve met.”

He didn’t reply.

She continued. “I don’t ever remember anyone surviving my poison,” she said, frowning. And then she laughed.

“I’m going to enjoy hearing you scream,” she stated huskily, stroking his bare chest, tracing the elven markings on it with the single sharp talon that was her hand.

Akasha pouted. It was really too bad that the anti-mage was blind like his brother. She loved to see the terror in the eyes of her victims. She reached up and ripped the cloth that covered his eyes and studied him.

He intrigued her for some odd reason. Perhaps it was because of his determination to survive despite all odds. Or maybe it was because he didn’t cry out in pain in spite of the fact that his hands were nailed by daggers into the wall behind him. Maybe it was his refusal to show fear even if it was threatening to tear him apart.

He’s not bad looking either,” she thought as she surveyed his muscular physique appreciatively, his silver bluish platinum hair flowing magnificently at his sides. Then again, he looked exactly like Terrorblade, and strangely she had never looked at him that way.

Whatever it was, it didn’t matter to Akasha. The only thing that did was his cries of pain as she tore the very flesh from his skin. She grew aroused at the thought.

She nicked his chest with her talons, leaving a scar that began to ooze bright red blood. She smiled, awaiting the moan of pain that was sure to come.

It didn’t.

Akasha was furious. “Are you testing me?” she screamed, and slapped Magina hard across the face.

Magina was still silent, his face an emotionless mask that did not betray the pain that he was truly feeling.

Akasha glared at the man before her. Defiance was something she did not tolerate. She brought her talon to his chest and drove it into the wound she had inflicted. She smiled, satisfied, when she saw him wince. But it wasn’t enough.


She started to dig deeper into the wound when suddenly, she was surrounded by trees.

“What?” she thought, surprised. She was forced to withdraw the talon.

She quickly blinked out of the tree-prison and when she reappeared a distance away from Magina, she was shocked to see the elderly night-elf Prophet in her lair.

Furion!” she shouted in indignation. “How dare you to defile my domain!”

He pointed his staff at her. “Silence, she-devil!” he shouted and started throwing balls of magickal energy that manifested from his staff at her.

Akasha managed to dodge his attacks and was closing in on him. Furion quickly removed the daggers that pinned Magina’s hands. Just as she was nearing, he raised his staff high and struck one of the many bats that inhabited the cave with a bolt of pure magical energy, which proceeded to swath around the room and hit the other bats before finally striking Akasha.

The Queen of Pain let out a moan of pain as she felt the full force of the spell. The last person to be hit by the chain received the most damage and unfortunately, it happened to be her. The momentary pain which slowed her was more than enough for the Prophet to sling Magina’s arms around his shoulders and start to chant a spell. Akasha recognized the spell from her previous battles with Furion. He was going to teleport away.

“No!! You won’t get away with this, old fool!” she shrieked, creating a humongous sonic wave that threatened to tear apart the cave which she had come to know as home. But before the wave could hit them, they were long gone, leaving specks of dust flitting about in their wake.

Akasha screamed once more.


The next morning

“We found these,” Furion the Prophet said to Magina as he placed the moonblades by the anti-mage’s bedside. The crescent-shaped blades seemed to glow in the presence of their master.

“My tree companions situated nearby managed to tell me what happened and led me to you. Thankfully you were already in Sentinel territory when you fell or my trees would not have seen anything,” he continued, eyeing Magina warily.

The Queen of Pain had done major damage to him and Furion could not even fathom what would have happened if he hadn’t arrived in time. The image of her spearing Magina’s chest was still fresh in his mind.

“Thank you, Prophet,” Magina said quietly. It was evident that he wanted to be left alone.

Prophet patted his fellow night elf’s shoulder affectionately, like how a father would have touched a son. “Get better soon my boy,” he said, and left the room.

The events from the day before kept replaying in his mind. He remembered every single sensation… from the pain to the pleasure.
Akasha had done everything possible to make him suffer, yet he had held on and not given her the satisfaction of hearing him scream. But it wasn’t the pain that kept ringing through the fiber of his being. It was the pleasure.

Though she was the one who was dishing out the pain, it seemed as if she was the one who was tormented when he refused to scream. The desperation in her voice strengthened him against her torture.

He liked hearing the desperation in her voice. It was strangely exciting, as was the way she had stroked him before she began her harassment. No woman, human or undead, had ever touched him that way before.

Magina shook his head, wondering what in the name of Elune was wrong with him. He was longing to hear Akasha’s cry of desperation once more as well as to feel her touch.

This must stop,” he told himself determinedly.

He got off his bed and picked up his moonblades. He raised them up high. There was only one thing to do.

He swung his blades, cutting the air in one big downward arc.

He had to kill the Queen of Pain.


Akasha sat alone in her lair, deep in thought.

Magina had escaped her thanks to the accursed Furion. But that wasn’t what bothered her.

She had been denied the screams of the Anti-Mage.

And it threatened to tear her apart.

She stood up and walked over to the spot where Magina had been imprisoned and picked up the daggers which had been used to pierce his hands. They were caked with dry blood.

She would make the Anti-Mage scream for her.

Even if it killed her.

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