June 30th, 2008

A Speargirl's Adventures - Prologue

My first real Diablo II fanfic.

Title: Speargirl's Adventures
Author: EvilBill
Fandom: Diablo
Warnings: Violence; language - mild
Rating: Probably PG ATM, will become M or possibly even R later on
Disclaimer: Diablo isn't mine, nor ever will be. Unless you count the physical CDs in my CD wallet. Krystalla is my creation. Gheed isn't ;)
Notes: Loosely based on my SweetSpearGirl series of spot reports (Here)
Summary: A spear-wielding Amazon sets out on a quest to fight evil - and finds something else along the way.

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Be gentle, it's my first post ;)
If you like it, I'll post more!
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