March 23rd, 2008


Demonic Alliances

Title: Demonic Alliances
Author: Erzsebet aka _dragonkid_
Fandom: Warcraft, though it mostly focuses on the World of Warcraft storyline.
Warnings: Violence, Strong Language, Alternate Reality, Suggestive Themes, Romance
Pairings: Illidan Stormrage/(OC) Irahmota (aka Puck)
Rating: R (The violence and language pace picks up later on)
Disclaimer: Warcraft and all of its properties are copyrighted by Blizzard. I don't own any one of them. I do, though, claim whatever rights I have to the characters that I created from the Warcraft universe. Don't sue me.
Notes: Well, this is my first Warcraft fic and my first attempt at a romance fic. I suppose it's kind of Mary-Sue-ish in the fact that I have my own created character and she's one of the main characters, but I promise I tried to avoid going completely overboard, even if it doesn't seem like that at the start. Since it's a revamp, I'd like to know what you think. I'm sure there are at least a few grammar errors, as I tend to think faster than I can type, but I did try to be as thorough as possible. Thank you.
Summary: With Azeroth still in warfare, a creature only of lore makes a reappearance, intent on regaining her lost power and army, no matter what cost. Soon, though, she realizes that not all the creatures of Azeroth are as remembered. Particularly Illidan Stormrage.
Story: Chapter 1 Chapter 2
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