December 1st, 2006


Ello, first time poster here! Lovely to meet you all.

Title: Mutual Agreement (Oh, how I loathe this title)
Author: veritasnova
Fandom: Warcraft. I guess it's technically WoW.
Warnings: I suppose some of this would classify as angst, though it's nothing too heavy. My main warning is that this is an attempt to elaborate on canon, so it may not fit with some opinions.
Pairings: None. Random mention of one-sided Lor'themar/Alleria there, but it's nothing very big.
Ratings: Oh, I don't know. PG? There's mention of nudity and death (and undeath).
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Consider it all disclaimed.
Notes: This fic is just a little experiment for me in a few ways. Firstly, the majority of its 5000+ word length is dialogue, which is a huge change from my usual overabundance of introspection. Secondly, its plot kind of jumps all over the place. And finally, I've never written Sylvanas before. I lack confidence in this fic completely and utterly.
Summary: Sylvanas journies to Quel'Thalas for the first time since the fall of Silvermoon and offers the blood elves an opportunity.
Story: Voila

Enjoy it if you can. :D