November 27th, 2006


An intro and a fic!

Hello! The fandom cannot escape me! *maniacal laugh* :D
[edit] Corrected errors.

Title: Sight
Author: Ghostangel
Fandom: Warcraft
Warnings: Yaoi. Incest. Alternate reality/universe.
Pairings: Illidan/Kael, Illidan/Malfurion
Ratings: PG
Disclaimer: Um I don't own them, they own me. Don't sue me, I'm worth negative money~ ;_;
Notes: Complete alternate universe. These versions live in my head and don't claim to be canon...and don't seem to care really. Its important to note that in this reality, Illidan and Malfurion share a soul/life force. Illidan seems to have built himself a harem in my head! XD
Summary: Malfurion gives Illidan the gift of sight for a brief time

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