October 21st, 2006


I've put this off for so long...

Author: Kelriia Frettlar the__ivorytower
Fandom: Warcraft
Warnings: Various, please read individually.
Disclaimer: I don't own Warcraft!
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Fandom: Warcraft/Starcraft and Starcraft
Title: Glutton for Punishment
Author: Kelriia Frettlar (the__ivorytower)
Fandom: Warcraft/Starcraft
Prompt: October 1. coffee and a kick in the pants
Disclaimer: Warcraft is not mine, neither is Starcraft.
Warnings: Crossover. Once again, a sidefic for a larger fic that isn't finished. I should get off my ass and write the longer fic.
Pairings: None. If you know both backstories, then it's former Raynor/Kerrigan and Arthas/Jaina, and current Thrall/Jaina.
Summary: Jim Raynor is stuck on another planet, drinking coffee and feeling sorry for himself.
Note: This assumes that Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo all take place in the same universe, but just in radically different corners of the galaxy.
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Title: Lullaby and Goodnight
Author: Kelriia Frettlar (the__ivorytower)
Fandom: Starcraft
Prompt: October 10. suicide is painless
Disclaimer: Starcraft is copyright of Blizzard Ent. The OCs are mine, though.
Warnings: Angst, death, suicide (which is painless). Spoilers for the first terran mission..?
Pairings: OC pairing mentioned.
Summary: Lullaby and goodnight, go to sleep, little baby.
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