April 24th, 2006


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Title: Dinner at the Docks
Author: pleiades829
Fandom: World of Warcraft
Warnings: Maybe minor fluff. This is pretty tame.
Pairings: Corrienda (my druid character) & Teldurn (friend's paladin character)
Ratings: G
Disclaimer: Yeah, I don't own the WoW universe, etc. etc. And, to be fair, I ought to say that the scene was RPed out in game, and I took the chatlog and spiffed it up to make it readable. I hope that doesn't make me a bad person. And yeah, so far this is probably the tamest in the community. I thought I'd start off with something I could write well before moving into fighting/sex/whatever.
Notes: Corrienda and Teldurn first met at Feathermoon Stronghold, where he agreed to escort her to Teldrassil to start her druid training. They've had a variety of adventures since then. They are not romantically involved... yet. (Maybe in future works I submit.)
Summary: Corrienda and Teldurn share a sweet dinner on the docks of Menethil. She asks him to be her warder (special protector), and gives him a special gift.

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