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Blizzard Fanfiction Community
Wizards and demons and aliens... oh my!
1st-Mar-2013 11:53 am - warcraft fic exchange signups open

Signups for YNTF are now open!

[community profile] younotakefanfic / A Warcraft canon-character centric fic exchange.

Sign-up date/deadline: Signups March 1st - March 7th.
Due date: April 15th.
Posting date: April 20.
FAQ: Here
14th-Dec-2011 02:42 pm - Warcraft Kink Meme
Just thought I'd let anyone here know that the Warcraft Kink Meme is now open for posting! If that's your kind of thing we'd be glad to have you!
28th-Apr-2011 02:06 am - Fic: Chapter Two - Bitter Findings
Title: Bitter Findings
Author: slashlick
Beta: none
Universe: World of Warcraft
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~ 2,000
Genre: PWP
Disclaimer: The world and any recognizable content herein are the property of Blizzard and respective parties. I make no profit from this.
Summary: Still haunted by the bonding of a suspected malevolent force, Sunderella journeys to Stormwind to find answers. Will she find the answers her and her warlock lover seeks or is she on a fool's errand in a city not her own.

A/N: This is a second attempt at writing while RPing with a good friend of mine,  It started off with a letter I wrote to her and turned into a very short encounter in Stormwind.  I really hope you enjoy. <3

“The cool breeze of the morning on my cobalt skin reminds me of my lover’s touch. We embraced affectionately in an isolated place of our choosing in the waterfalls of Nagrand.

Click on the intriguing snippet to get to the story on my LJ page.
12th-Apr-2011 12:34 am - Fic: Chapter One - Beautiful Agony
Title: Beautiful Agony
Author: slashlick
Beta: brytewolf
Universe: World of Warcraft
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~ 2,600
Genre: PWP
Disclaimer: The world and any recognizable content herein are the property of Blizzard and respective parties. I make no profit from this.
Summary: After an unusual encounter with a warlock, Sunderella can't seem to get the human out of her head. Unable to sleep, she begins to have waking dreams that fulfill her fantasies beyond her wildest expectations.

A/N: This is my first foray into fanfiction, and I hope you enjoy!
Special thanks to my friend brytewolf for her help and patience. <3

“What is it you want, Draenei?” Her Succubus asked irritably yet seductive. I felt an overwhelming urge to go to her, to be with her. If it wasn’t for the sight of the sorceress’ bleeding form and the shallow rise of her chest, I wouldn’t have broken free of her alluring trickery.

Click on the intriguing snippet to get to the story on my LJ page.
1st-Mar-2010 03:03 am - Heed Our Warnings
Title: Heed Our Warnings
Author: virtual_savant
Fandom: World of Warcraft
Warnings: - Spoilers pertaining to "Fall of the Lich King" ending. Battlefield violence.
Pairings: N/A
Ratings: PG-13
Disclaimer: Characters aren't mine. It all belongs to Blizzard, I just rent some of the originals every month!
Notes: Was inspired to write this after I saw the "Fall of the Lich King" ending cinematic on my server.

Summary: The time of the King's reign is coming to an end, and some are more affected by this than others. Is it vengeance or retribution that's causing the human paladin to become a little reckless and wish to see Arthas dead?

The story is linked here at my journal
23rd-Feb-2010 07:56 pm - The Shadows Grow Longer
Title: The Shadows Grow Longer
Author: shieldmaidenjen/thenightfalling/Dodendans
Rating: PG-13 at the moment - rating may go up.
Length: Approx. 6,000 words this chapter (48,000 or so overall)
Notes: Alternate Universe. He'd waited for her in the darkness. The time for revenge was now. Arthas/Jaina, hints of Thrall/Jaina. Dark fic. Spoilers for Arthas: Rise of the Lich King.

All links lead to thenightfalling, my story journal.
(I won't post all of the chapters each time, I promise - I just figured I would this time since it is my first post here)

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
16th-Jan-2010 08:01 pm - Rubicon (m!troll/f!human)
I thought I'd try something a little different! This is the first chapter of a multi-chapter fic. Hope you enjoy. :)

Title: Rubicon
Author: korinacaffeine  / Fallacy
Fandom: World of Warcraft
Summary: Shifting loyalties are not just misplaced obligation, and sympathy for the devil has nothing to do with time and its products. Old debts, grey areas, and blind traditions force a troll and a human to set aside petty battles and face a common threat.

( Though a paladin, he observed, clothed heavily in mail armor, a two-handed sword nearly the length of her own body wielded before her, she was not strong. )
4th-Jan-2010 01:45 pm - Thrall/Jaina: Continuity
Title: Continuity
Pairing: Thrall/Jaina
Rating: R (Also, AU)
Written for: 7dayschallenge: Friday

(In times such as these, there must be continuity.)

Fake cut to my journal

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21st-Dec-2009 10:00 pm - Thrall/Jaina Winter Veil Fanfic
Happy Yule! ♥

Title: Silver Bells
Pairing: Thrall/Jaina
Word Count: 2700+

(Reality lay beneath the snow and ice, hesitation dissolved by cold wind and burning skin.)

Fake cut to my journal.

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15th-Dec-2009 11:00 pm - Thrall/Jaina...surprise!
Title: Rules of Leadership
Pairing: Thrall/Jaina
Written for: 7dayschallenge, Thursday
Word Count: 2500 +/-

(They are wise words, Jaina. Difficult to follow at times, but wise)

*Fake cut to my journal*

X-posted to: wow_ladies, blizzardfanfics, wowfics, 7dayschallenge
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